Artificial Bamboo Plant

Wholesale Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Tree and

Small Artificial  Bamboo Plant Indoor

With many kind of bambo plant like Gold silk bamboo, mini bambo leaf,angel bambo leaf and so on.

The Bambo plant  is available in sizes from 90cm to 3M high, with the most popular height being the 1.8 meters.

Golden Silk Fake Bamboo With Pot



Length:   90cm,  1.2m,  1.5m  1.8m

                2.1m,   2.4m 


Number of Pole options:  5poles, 6poles,7poles, 9poles

artificial big bamboo plant
1.5M height
artificial bamboo plant 6ft
1.8M Height
artificial lucky bamboo plant
2.1M height
fake bamboo pole

Artificial Bamboo Salk

artificial bamboo pole
1.5M Green Trunk
tall artificial bamboo stalks
1.5M Purple Trunk
artificial bamboo stalks
1.8M Green Trunk
artificial bamboo plant the range
1.8M Purple Trunk
artificial bamboo plants for home decor

Small Artificial Bamboo Plant

artificial lucky bamboo plant

Artificial Bamboo Plant 6ft

artificial bamboo stalk

Tall Artificial Bamboo Stalks

Artificial Bamboo Plant - Embrace the Beauty of Nature with None of the Hassle!

Are you looking to infuse your space with the serene charm of bamboo? Look no further! Our Bamboo Plant presents a stunning range of lifelike artificial bamboo plants that bring nature’s beauty right into your home or office.


Our lifelike bamboo plants are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring an incredibly realistic appearance. Each leaf is made with fire-resistant materials, providing an added level of safety and peace of mind. Whether you seek a touch of greenery for your living room, office, or outdoor area, our lifelike bamboo plants offer a maintenance-free solution that retains its allure year after year.


One of the highlights of our product range is the authenticity of the bamboo stems. Crafted from genuine bamboo, they boast the same elegance and strength found in their natural counterparts. We offer a variety of options to suit your preferences, including sets of 3, 5, or 7 bamboo stems, providing flexibility in design and arrangement.


Our lifelike bamboo plants come in heights ranging from 90cm to 210cm, allowing you to select the perfect size to complement your space. With our versatile purchasing options, you can choose to buy individual stems or opt for a complete set that includes a pot for hassle-free display.


Why choose Artificial Bamboo Plant? Reasons: Realistic, Fire-Resistant, Flexible,Hassle-Free Purchase, Here’s what sets us apart:


1.  Realistic Appearance: Our lifelike bamboo plants are expertly designed to mimic the beauty of natural bamboo, creating a vibrant and authentic ambiance.


2. Fire-Resistant Leaves: Safety is our priority. The leaves of our bamboo plants are crafted with fire-resistant materials, ensuring peace of mind in any setting.


3. Genuine Bamboo Stems: We use real bamboo to create our stems, providing durability and an exquisite touch that only authentic materials can deliver.


4. Flexible Options: Choose from sets of 3, 5, or 7 bamboo stems, and customize the height to suit your space. Our range offers versatility to match your design vision.


5. Hassle-Free Purchase: Our lifelike bamboo plants can be bought as individual stems or complete sets, complete with pots for immediate and effortless display.


Bring the tranquility of a bamboo forest into your surroundings with Lifelike Bamboo. Experience the beauty and elegance of nature without the maintenance. Explore our collection today.

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