Artificial Tulips That Look Real

Unleash the beauty of simulated tulips. Lifelike and enchanting, artificial tulips captivate with vibrant colors and delicate curves. Elevate any space effortlessly with everlasting charm. Perfect for hotels, events, and interiors. Embrace timeless elegance.

artificial tulips

Artificial Tulips That Look Real


Color:White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple,Orange, Rose,

Material:Silk Cloth+Iron+Plastic

Net Weight:13.3g/pc

Package: 600pcs/ctn


Product Size

artificial tulip

Color Options

artificial roses that look real
Rose color
tulip flowers artificial
Pink color
artificial flowers tulip
Orange color
fake red roses that look real
Purple & Rose
artificial tulip flowers
Red color
artificial tulips
Yellow color
tulips artificial flowers
Yellow color
artificial tulip flowers
Light Pink


Artificial tulips that look real can be used to decorate many different places, including the garden, home, or office. They can be kept for several years and won’t wilt or fade over time.

silk real touch tulips artificial flower for home

Company Reviews


Welcome to Plantifya, the industry-leading provider of lifelike artificial flowers and plants. With a rich legacy rooted in uncompromising quality and unparalleled craftsmanship, we take pride in offering a vast and diverse range of flora that captures nature’s essence to perfection.

Understanding the evolving demands of the wholesale market, we’ve meticulously crafted our collection to serve the unique needs of retailers, interior decorators, event planners, and other bulk buyers. Our emphasis on quality, combined with competitive pricing, positions us as the preferred partner for businesses looking for dependable and exquisite artificial flora solutions.

Every piece we produce mirrors the beauty of its natural counterpart, ensuring that your customers experience the splendor of nature without the associated upkeep. Our innovative manufacturing techniques ensure durability, allowing our products to remain timeless in both form and function.


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artificial tulip flowers
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Q:Why do people like tulips?

People are drawn to tulips for several reasons: their vibrant colors, diverse varieties, and graceful shape. Additionally, they symbolize love, beauty, and springtime, which resonate with many people. Furthermore, tulips have historical significance, especially in Dutch culture, where they were once highly prized and even led to a speculative economic bubble known as “Tulip Mania” in the 17th century.

Q:Are These Artificial Tulips That look real?

A:Yes, these are artificial Tulips that looks real

Q:How many colors do you have ?

A:Beside the color above, we still have many other color for your option, or you can send your color number ,we can customize for you.

Q:Can Artificial Tulips been put outdoor?

A:No: it can not put outdoor.

Q:How do you display faux tulips?

A: Displaying faux tulips can be a lovely way to bring some springtime cheer into your home. Here are a few ideas:

1.Vase Arrangement: Place the faux tulips in a tall vase, arranging them in a natural-looking way. You can add some faux foliage or other flowers to create a fuller arrangement.
2.Basket Display: Arrange the tulips in a wicker basket, either on their own or mixed with other faux flowers. This gives a more rustic or country-style look.
3.Wreath: Create a faux tulip wreath by attaching the stems to a circular wreath form. You can add ribbon or bows for extra decoration.
4.Table Centerpiece: Arrange the tulips in a shallow dish or bowl filled with decorative stones or faux moss. This can make a beautiful centerpiece for a dining or coffee table.
5.Wall Hanging: Create a wall hanging by attaching the tulips to a piece of wood or canvas using floral wire or hot glue. This can add a pop of color to any room.
6.Jar Display: Place the tulips in a glass jar filled with water or faux water. This creates a more realistic look, as if the tulips are freshly cut and placed in a vase.