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As with any artificial silk tree, palms retain their color longer than natural plants. The fronds do not wilt or fall off, leaving the tree bare. They are easy to move around as no uprooting is involved in the larger specimens.

Artificial Palm Trees with wide range in size from 1.2meters to 2.1 meters giants. These artificial palm trees typically have a short trunk with long, upward reaching fronds. 


Sizepackage      (with pot)Number of leafPoles
1.2M4pcs12leavesSingle pole
1.6M4pcs17leaves3 poles
1.9M4pcs30leaves3 poles
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artificial palm tree for sale

Fan Palm

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1.2M Height
artificial palm tree plants
1.6M Height
realistic palm tree
1.9M Height


Sizepackage      (with pot)Number of leafPoles
1.2M24pcs5leaves5 pole
1.6M12pcs15leaves15 poles
1.9M6pcs21leaves21 poles

Any other available artificial palm tree for sale? Yes!

Areca palm are favorites because of their multitude of fronds. The Areca palm is available in sizes from 5 feet to 9 feet, with the most popular height being the 7 foot.

Kentia Palm Trees are a favorite in workplaces and range in size from the 33 inch mini Kentia to 9 foot giants. 

Natural palm trunks are notorious for harboring insects. This is eliminated in the artificial silk palm trees.

artificial palm tree for sale
7 ft silk palm trees

Artificial Palm Tree Application

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Living Room

One of the easiest decorations to install to welcome guests and customers

10ft fake palm tree


Unused corners in bedroom are just screaming out to be used.

15 ft artificial palm tree outdoor


Displaying palms in public buildings, museums, hotels, event spaces, and even leisure facilities.

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Artificial Palm Tree Package

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Q:What are artificial palm tree made of?

A:The material of our artificial palm tree is PEVA

Q:Can we put a fake palm tree outside?

A:No, it will be faded easily

Q:What are benefits of fake trees?

A:There are many benefits for fake trees like long-lasting, less maintenance,Safe.

Q:How to take care of a fake palm?

A: We have article which wrote very clearly how to tak care the fake palm tree. you can visit and check by below link :

How to take care of artificial palm tree


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