Faux Wreath and Artificial Garland

Experience the serenity of the outdoors inside your home with our premium faux wreath.A harmonious blend of craftsmanship an aesthetics, it promises lasting vibrancy.


Faux Wreath

Artificial Eucalyptus wreath

Artificial Jasmine Garland

artificial door wreath

Artificial Flower Wreath

faux wreath

Artificial Sunflower Wreath

Artificial Garland

Artificial Sunflower Garland

Artificial Cherry Blossom

Artificial Ivy Garland

Faux Vine Wall

Artificial Eucalytpus Garand

Artificial Hanging Plants

Artificial Fern Hanging Plant

Artificial Senstive Hanging Plant

Dry Branches Artificial Hanging Plant

Artificial Fern Hanging Plant

Semi-finished Product

planta artificial ficus
artificial plant
fake orchid
artificial flower wholesale
decorative ivy garland
artificial bamboo
artificial plant
artificial plant


What is faux wreath made of ?

A faux wreath is typically made from common materials include:plastic,silk or polyester, foam, wire, natural elements.

Where is your main market faux wreath for sale?

We selll faux wreath to many counties like USA, UK, Indonesia, Colombia.

How to purchase the faux wreath?

you can send us your detail demand by blow format, and you will get our reply in 24hours.

How long do fake wreath last?

A well-made fake wreath can last for several years. The lifespan of a fake wreath depends on various factors such as its quality, exposure to elements like sunlight and moisture, and how it’s stored when not in use.

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