Artificial Flower Stems

Crafted with meticullous attention to detail our artifiial flower stems perfect for creating bespoke arrangements or adding longvity to floral ddisplays.

Artificial Orchid Flower

93cm length with 9 flowers and 5 fruits

artificial orchid flower
artificial orchid flowers
fake purple orchids

Artificial Hydrangea

53cm Length, real touch 

PU Artificial Tulips

53cm Length, real touch 

Artificial Cherry Blossom Branches

100cm Length  and 3 branches, 3 layers 

PU material and Silk cloth material 

Artificial Magnolia Flowers

 Silk cloth material + Iron

Artificial Hyacinth Flowers

 Silk cloth material + Iron

Artificial Protea Flowers

 Silk cloth material + Iron

Artificial Lotus Flowers

 Silk cloth material + Iron

Artificial Rose Flower

Lint material or Silk cloth material + Iron

Peony Artificial Flower Stems

 Silk cloth material + Iron

Artificial Sunflowers

 Silk cloth material + Iron

Artificial chrysanthemum flower

 Silk cloth material + Iron

Artificial Flower Stems Gallery


What are fake flower stems made of?

Fake flower stems can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, silk, polyester, and even paper. These materials are chosen for their durability, flexibility, and ability to mimic the appearance of real flowers.

How do you make fake flower stems look real?

To make fake flower stems look more realistic, you can try the following techniques:
1.Add Texture: Wrap the stems with floral tape or use a hot glue gun to add texture by creating small bumps and ridges along the stems.
2.Painting: Use acrylic or fabric paint to add shading and highlights to mimic the natural color variations of real stems.
3.Bend and Shape: Bend and shape the stems to create natural curves and irregularities, mimicking the way real stems grow.
4.Add Realistic Details: Attach small leaves or thorns along the stems using glue to add realism.
5.Use Realistic Foliage: If possible, replace any plastic leaves with silk or fabric leaves for a more lifelike appearance.
6.Wrap with Natural Materials: Wrap the stems with natural materials like twine or raffia to add texture and mimic the look of real stems.
7.Add Water Droplets: Use clear craft glue to create water droplets along the stems for a fresh, dewy look.

Can we the artificial flower stems in water?

yes, the artificial stems can be put in water.

How to display artificial flowers

We Have a blog written just about how to display artificial flower , you can have a look by clicking below link

5 Unique Ways to Showcase Artificial Flowers