Artificial Tulip Flowers

Unleash the beauty of simulated tulips. Lifelike and enchanting, artificial tulips captivate with vibrant colors and delicate curves. Elevate any space effortlessly with everlasting charm. Perfect for hotels, events, and interiors. Embrace timeless elegance.

Product Information

Mini PU material Artificial Tulip


Color:Yellow, White, Red, Pink,Blue



Sample Available

High Real Touch Artificial Tulip Flowers


Material:Silk Cloth+Iron+Plastic

Net Weight:13.3g/pc

Color:Red, White, Yellow, Blue


Sample available


PU Artificial Tulip Flowers


Material: PU+Iron+Plastic

Net Weight: 30g/pc

Color:Red, White, Yellow, Blue


Sample available


Application of Artificial Tulip Flowers

Company Reviews


Welcome to Plantifya, the industry-leading provider of lifelike artificial flowers and plants. With a rich legacy rooted in uncompromising quality and unparalleled craftsmanship, we take pride in offering a vast and diverse range of flora that captures nature’s essence to perfection.

Understanding the evolving demands of the wholesale market, we’ve meticulously crafted our collection to serve the unique needs of retailers, interior decorators, event planners, and other bulk buyers. Our emphasis on quality, combined with competitive pricing, positions us as the preferred partner for businesses looking for dependable and exquisite artificial flora solutions.

Every piece we produce mirrors the beauty of its natural counterpart, ensuring that your customers experience the splendor of nature without the associated upkeep. Our innovative manufacturing techniques ensure durability, allowing our products to remain timeless in both form and function.

Choose Plantifya — where nature’s beauty meets lasting artistry, tailored for the discerning wholesaler.

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