Artificial Lilac Stems Flowers

Featuring synthetic materials designed to replicate the delicate blossoms and foliage. These stems are often crafted with attention to detail, offering a lifelike alternative to natural lilac flowers. The colors, textures, and shapes are carefully designed to resemble the beauty of real lilacs, providing a durable and long-lasting decorative option for various arrangements and settings.

artficial Lilac flowers

Artificial Lilac Stems


Color:Blue, Puple, White, Etc…

Sample :Available 

MOQ: 1 carton

Product Information

Product name Artificial Lilac Flowers
Item noES-1390
Material Silk Cloth
Size64cm Length
Colorwhite, blue, Purple, 
MOQ1 carton
Place of originzhejiang, China
Payment TT
ApplicationIndoor/outdoor decoration
artificial lilac
artificial lilac stems
White Color
artificial lilac stems
Purple Color
artificial Lilac Flowers
Blue Color

Application of Artificial Lilac Stems

artificial lilac
artificial lilac

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