Indoor Artificial Ficus Tree

Lifelike and meticulously crafted faux Ficus trees are designed to bring the beauty and serenity of the outdoors into any interior space. Whether you are decorating your home, office, or commercial establishment, our Artificial Ficus is the perfect choice to create a lasting impression.

artificial ficus tree

Artificial Ficus Plant


Material:PEVA, Cloth

Package: 4pots/ctn


best faux ficus tree
1.5M Height
large faux ficus tree
1.8M Height
artificial ficus plant
1.2M Height

Artificial Ficus Tree Application

artificial ficus tree 7ft

Company Review

artificial plant
artificial flower
planta artificial ficus
artificial flower
artificial flower


Q:Is Artificial Ficus a good indoor plant?

A:Artificial Ficus is quite popular as indoor plant arrangement.

Q:How many size of artificial ficus do you have?

A:We have 1.2M height, 1.5M height,1.8height  specifications for you choos.

Q:Is there any MOQ for this item?

A:Yes, The MOQ for this item is 20pcs.

Q:What about the delivery time?

A:The delivery  time will be 20days after your payment.

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