Artificial Flower Bouquet

Artificial flower Bouquet often made from material like silk, plastic, or fabric and are designed to capture the chaaracteristic shape, texture, and color of genuine blooms.

Silk cloth material with real touch quality

Artificial Daisy Flowers

33cm length with 5stems

Rose and Peony Artificial Flower Bouquet

33cm Length, real touch 

32cm height,Silk cloth material 

26cm height,Silk cloth material 

60cm height, Plastic material 

Artificial Flower Bouquet Gallary


How long do artificial flower bouquet last?

Artificial flower bouquets can last indefinitely if stored and cared for properly. Unlike real flowers, they don’t wilt or decay. However, they can fade, gather dust, or deteriorate over time, especially if exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or moisture. With proper care, such as occasional dusting and avoiding prolonged exposure to harmful conditions, artificial flower bouquets can remain vibrant and appealing for many years, often decades.

What's the most realistic artificial flower bouquet?

The most realistic artificial flower bouquets are typically made from high-quality materials like silk, real-touch latex, or a combination of advanced materials designed to emulate the texture, color, and appearance of real flowers. The realism also extends to the attention to detail in the crafting of the flowers, leaves, and stems.